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    Spring Storm Roof Damage

    The weather in the spring and summer here in Texas can change so quickly! Heavy winds and torrential downpours can potentially cause damage to your roof and could lead to costly repairs if not fixed quickly. Let WeatherShield, your storm damage experts, help with roof repair and give you...

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  • 07

    Taking Care of Your Roof – Springtime Maintenance

    Are you ready for the warmer springtime weather? As a homeowner we prepare our homes for the unpredictable North Texas winter weather, but often overlook the transition to warmer weather. As the warmer weather rolls in it is time to think about spring cleaning your roof.  At WeatherShield Roofing...

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  • 09

    Winterizing Your Roof

    If this winter brings challenges like last winter, we need to be better prepared! If you are getting your home ready for winter, it is important to make sure that your roof is also prepared. Your roof is the first line of defense between your home and the unpredictable...

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    Fall Roof Tips

    Summer is over and fall is here! Fall means football, pumpkins and spending more time nestled inside relaxing. But, as fall weather moves in that means leaves are going to start falling! Now is the look at roof maintenance to get ready for the cold winter winds and storms...

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    Why Proper Roof Ventilation is Important

    Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities—including taking care of your roof. You might think that all you need to do is watch for obvious damage and get occasional repairs, but that is not exactly true. Sometimes those responsibilities include installing new systems and making sure your...

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    Commercial Roofing Systems For Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

    Are you looking into building a new space for your business? WeatherShield Roofing offers a wide variety of commercial roofing systems! We’ve worked on commercial roofing projects throughout Texas, ensuring high-quality results for all our clients.  We believe that, just like your entrepreneurial dreams, there’s no job too big...

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    How Summer Affects Your Roof

    When you think about roof damage, you mostly think about a storm causing damage. You don’t really think about what could happen during the summer, but warm weather poses a number of risks to your roof! Below are some of the ways summer can negatively affect your roof.  Summer...

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    Preventative Maintenance

    Prolong the life of your commercial roof with a preventative maintenance plan. A preventative maintenance plan is a routine, comprehensive commercial roof maintenance program designed to extend and maximize the service life of your roof. Having a preventative maintenance plan in place can result in a well-maintained roof that...

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    Hail Damage on Your Roof

    North Texas weather is always unpredictable, and hailstorms can cause serious damage to your commercial or residential roof! The impact of hail can either bruise or crack shingles, potentially leading to water damage. You can’t always avoid hail damage, but you can minimize the damage by getting it inspected...

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    Single vs Multi-Ply Roofs

    Single or multi-ply roofing system? What is right for your commercial building? At WeatherShield Roofing, we believe that, just like your entrepreneurial dreams, there’s no job too big for us to accomplish.  The roofing experts at WeatherShield Roofing and Sheetmetal are here to help. If you aren’t sure what...

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