Common Roof Myths

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about roofing. Keep reading to learn the truth about your roof! 

“Your Roof Will Last Forever”

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. If you live in the same house long enough, you will need to replace your roof. Many people refuse to believe that their roof will need to be replaced, but that simply is not true. Luckily, WeatherShield can come inspect your roof and give you updates on its lifespan!

“Roof Replacements Take a Long Time”

If you are worried about having a lot of construction noise due to this very common myth, don’t be! Most people think that replacing a roof will take around a week to finish. In some cases that might be true, especially with commercial roofing, but most roofs take just a day or two to replace! 

“I Can Just Replace the Roof Myself”

With the rise of DIY home projects, you might think you could replace your roof yourself, but even if you have basic handyman skills, do not attempt replacing it yourself. Roofing itself is simple, but there are many other aspects that only experienced roofers know. Trust us, you do not want to replace your roof incorrectly. Contact WeatherShield to protect your investment and have your roof replaced the right way.

“A Repair Will Save Me Money”

There are certainly times when a repair is sufficient and the best option for a homeowner. However, much of the time we find that homeowners make repair after repair and begin pushing back the inevitable. Schedule an inspection with WeatherShield to determine whether you need repairs or a full replacement. 

We Are Here to Help 

The roofing experts at WeatherShield Roofing and Sheetmetal can help you protect your investment! Schedule your FREE roof inspection today to keep your roof in great shape. Give us a call today at (817) 441-1446.