Spring Storm Roof Damage

The weather in the spring and summer here in Texas can change so quickly! Heavy winds and torrential downpours can potentially cause damage to your roof and could lead to costly repairs if not fixed quickly. Let WeatherShield, your storm damage experts, help with roof repair and give you peace of mind.


The crazy North Texas winds could tear shingles right off your roof in just a few seconds. Missing shingles can cause damage beneath the surface and could even lead to interior flooding. While missing shingles would be easier to see, some damage is not visible right away. For example, continuous heavy winds can start to pull shingles and underlayment up and leave tiny gaps or holes. Even the tiniest holes can allow water to get in slowly but steadily.  


The immediate fear that sets in when the soothing sound of rain turns into the loud sound of ice chunks hitting your roof is unsettling. After a severe hail storm, a leaky roof is a tell-tale sign of damage. However, identifying damage may not be that simple. Broken shingles will be the most obvious, but there are other areas to look for damage. There could be dents or cracks in the gutters, roof caps or vents. If you see any damage, contact us for a roof inspection!

What’s next?

Even if there are no glaring signs or wind or hail damage to your roof, it is still possible that it has taken place. If you suspect any damage, now is the time to reach out to use and schedule a free roof inspection. We can help assess the damage and get you a quote today.

Whether you have roof damage from a serious storm, or you need a routine inspection and repair, call us today. Give us a call at (817) 441-1446 to get started on your roofing project.