Single vs Multi-Ply Roofs

Single or multi-ply roofing system? What is right for your commercial building? At WeatherShield Roofing, we believe that, just like your entrepreneurial dreams, there’s no job too big for us to accomplish. 

The roofing experts at WeatherShield Roofing and Sheetmetal are here to help. If you aren’t sure what roofing system is right for your company, keep reading! 

Single Ply

Single-ply roofing systems are competitively priced, have flexibility and ease of installation and are available in product offers such as EPDM, TPO and PVC. Single-ply roofs are formed out of a single layer that is made using reinforced thermoplastic materials. These roof materials can withstand the heat and unpredictable Texas weather allowing them to handle long-term weathering.


Multi-ply roofing systems provide more security than a single-ply roof. Multi-ply roofs are composed of multiple layers and form a surface that is more stable and rigid. This rigid system allows for additional systems such as solar energy. Multi-ply roofs create a watertight barrier that provides many years of dependable protection from the elements. 

With quality installation from WeatherShield Roofing, we can create the single or multi-ply roof system that works best for you. If you are interested in a more environmentally friendly and economical roofing system that can withstand the unpredictable Texas weather and heat, contact WeatherShield today.

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