Roof-Friendly Christmas Light Tips

Nothing says it is the holiday season more than decorating your house! Christmas lights on your home are a great way to bring holiday cheer to your neighborhood. While you can be festive like Clark Griswold, try not to hang your Christmas lights like him! The only thing more frustrating than hanging Christmas lights is finding out you damaged your roof while trying to hang them! 

If you are planning to hang lights on your home this year, keep reading and remember these tips to protect you and your roof. 

Hang Securely 

The quickest way to damage your roof is trying to hang lights on incorrect parts of your roof or with improper tools. Do not use shingles or tiles to hang lights. Be sure to test the durability of any wood before you start hanging your lights. The best option for putting lights on your roof is by using Christmas light hooks. Staples should not be used on your roof! Make a plan on how and where you are going to hang your lights before getting started. 

Tread Lightly

You might have to walk on your roof to complete the job. If you need to, do so carefully by taking light and slow steps. Some rooftops may not be boot-friendly and you could possibly damage your roof with heavy steps. If you are unsure if your roof is safe to walk on, find an alternative way to hang the lights. 

Ladder Safety

Your safety is the most important thing to keep in mind while hanging your lights! The right ladder height is crucial. The ladder should extend at least 3 feet beyond the edge of the roof. Have a family member or friend hold the ladder steady on the ground while you are on it. While hanging the lights, it is important not to overreach! Move the ladder before you risk a fall. 


Lastly, safety while removing your Christmas lights is just as important as when you were hanging them. As tempting as it might be to pull them off the roof when the holidays are over, don’t! Forcing the light strands can rip tiles, shingles and even wood right out of place. Use the same precautions when taking them down as you did hanging them. This will ensure you and your roof stay safe!

Always remember to be safe when you hang your Christmas lights. If an accident happens and your roof is left with damage, contact WeatherShield Roofing & Sheetmetal today at (817) 441-1446 We are your roofing experts! Happy Holidays!