Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Summer in North Texas means temperatures are rising daily. Here are a few things homeowners should know about their homes and how to properly protect their roof. 

Inspect Gutters and Downspouts

Keep your gutters and downspouts clean of all dirt and debris to make sure water can flow. When cleaning your gutters, make sure that they are secured to your home and that they are free of any cracks. After the job is done, test them by running water through them. If the water flows freely with no leaks then your job is done.

Inspect Your Roof From The Ground

An easy way to inspect your roof is to take the time to walk around and look for lifting, cracked or dented shingles and moss growth. Getting a small problem fixed early can prevent larger roof repairs down the road. If you see any problems, small or big, call WeatherShield Roofing & Sheet Metal! 

Trim Any Overhanging Tree Limbs

While trees make your yard aesthetically pleasing, it is vital that there are no limbs hanging over your roof. Why? These branches can cause damage during summer storms, as they may break off and fall on your roof. With North Texas wind, the overhanging limbs can scrape your roof resulting in broken shingles or tiles.

Summer in Texas can bring many challenges for your roof including high temperatures, humidity, rain and heavy winds. If you take some time to do some quick inspections you will make sure your roof can handle summer’s biggest challenges.

If you don’t have time to inspect your roof, call WeatherShield Roofing & Sheet Metal for your FREE roof inspection! To learn about our services or to make an appointment give us a call at 

(817) 441-1446. We are your roofing experts.