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Metal Roofs

Metal roofing projects can offer a range of benefits to commercial business owners, and homeowners alike. One of the key advantages of a metal roof is its longevity, as many materials can last for between 40 and 70 years depending on their composition. Additionally, metal roofing is incredibly durable, capable of sustaining wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour.

With expert design and installation from WeatherShield Roofing, your metal roof will be strong enough to withstand many challenges, banishing corrosion and cracks so that you don’t have to pay for expensive periodic roof maintenance. As an attractive alternative to tile roofing, metal is environmentally friendly, and energy efficient – capable of reducing cooling costs by up to 25%

If you are looking for a metal roof, WeatherShield can provide you with a custom fit standing seam roof system. WeatherShield has years of expertise and a wealth of knowledge to provide you a best in class metal roof system. By taking precise measurements, our expert fabricators will roll each panel, trim, flashing, etc. on-site, which eliminates having to order prefabricated roof panels from a supplier. We have the ability to fabricate and install multiple types of roof panels, including wall panels.

  • Certified metal roof installers and fabricators
  • Certified contractor with multiple roofing manufacturers
  • We use 24g metal when fabricating all of our roof panels as opposed to 26g which is a weaker metal
  • Galvalume, standard, and premium colors to choose from
  • Metal roofs are energy efficient
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Able to gain insurance discounts

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