Commercial Roofing

Weathershield Roofing offers a wide variety of commercial roofing systems. We’ve worked on projects all throughout Texas, ensuring high-quality results for all our clients. At Weathershield Roofing, we believe that, just like your entrepreneurial dreams, there’s no job too big for us to accomplish. Whether you’re looking for some basic restoration help or a complete commercial roofing project manager, we can help.

At Weathershield Roofing, we’ve worked alongside government companies, those in the industrial sector, as well as people in medical care, food and beverage industries, education, and more. No matter your background, our expert team has the knowledge and skill to help you.

With a quality clientele and reference list, Weathershield would welcome the opportunity to visit about upcoming projects.

Commercial Roof Systems

  • Standing Seam metal
  • R-Panel, U-Panel metal
  • Trapezoidal Metal Panel
  • Metal Wall Panel
  • Single Ply Membrane – TPO, PVC
  • EPDM
  • Modified Bitumen
WeatherShield Roofing

Standing Seam Roofs and Metal Fabrication

  • Weathershield has a fully equipped metal fabrication shop, located in Aledo, TX, that gives us the ability to offer turnkey roofing solutions.
  • Our shop is equipped with Automatic shear machines and computerized breaks. This allows us to custom fabricate all of our metal flashings, metal trim packages, metal coping, and various other metal materials needed to complete our roof systems.
  • If you are another roofing contractor looking for someone to fabricate your standing seam metal roof or trim and flashings, Weatherhield offers fabrication services and would be happy to assist you. We can also provide you with a turnkey process of fabrication and installation of your metal roof system.
  • With our line of standing seam metal panel roll formers, we will custom fit your standing seam metal roof onsite. No pre-ordered materials that require lots of hand cutting. Our machines provide a uniform panel and eliminate the problem of having large materials delivered. Weathershield’s standing seam roof packages are 100% fabricated and installed in house. No 3rd party contractors.

Flat Roofs

Mainly used in commercial projects. Weathershield has the ability and experience to install multiple types of flat roof applications.

  • Certified installers with multiple manufacturers
  • Ability to provide the flat roof system as well as fabricate all the metal coping, soffit, facia, flashing, etc. “One Stop Shop”
  • TPO
  • Built UP
  • Modified
  • Roof Coatings