At Weathershield Roofing, Our Mission Is To Provide A Best In Class Service And Product To Our Customers.

About Us

Located in Aledo, TX and covering all of DFW and the surrounding areas there is no job too small or too big. If you’re dreaming of your new home or are a victim of Mother Nature, Weathershield Roofing is your #1 choice.

The Weathershield team is trained in storm inspection and will assist our customers through all types of insurance claims due to hail, wind, rain, fire, and any other type of damage. We are not “storm chasers” we will be your hometown roofer and friend for years to come. Our roots are based in new construction, we have year-round repeat customers.

Our crews are considered the backbone of our company and we do not depend on the storms to keep them busy. Weathershield Roofing is not “fly by night” company that will be gone after the storms hit. When mother nature strikes do not hesitate to contact Weathershield roofing.

WeatherShield Roofing

Our Location

Our shop is located in Aledo, TX and is fully equipped with Schechtl Max 3100 Automated Folding Machine and Schectl Shearing Machine which gives us the capability to make all types of flashing, coping, gutter, downspouts, and other various trim pieces to fit any application. Weathershield also has a full line of standing seam metal forming machines to custom form roof panels to fit your roof. Metal fabrication is done in house requiring not sub-contractor to provide our complete roof systems.